Highlights of 2011

2011/12 Release of Custom-Made-Silly-Moments Christmas promotion. Valid until 31-12-2011.

2011/12 There are plans for an animated video trailer to promote a book (to be continued..)

2011/12 Nice blog by Hout & Nieuw mentioning the ‘Silly Moments’

2011/12 Flyer design – Kill All Hipsters @ Bitterzoet, December 21st, Amsterdam / Kill All Hipsters @ Club 8, December 23rd, Amsterdam / Kill All Hipsters @ Tivoli, February 10th, Utrecht.

2011/12 The ‘Silly Moments’ will also be for sale at the SundayMarket, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, December 4th. (look for the stand of O.My.Bag.)

2011/12 Hurray! A selection of eight ‘Silly Moments’ are now officially on sale! Printed on high quality bamboo paper with the dimensions: 30×40 cm. Are you unable to come to Hout & Nieuw (Amsterdam) but interested in buying one? Please feel free to contact me.

2011/12 Completed a bookmarker design for publisher Meulenhoff, which will be presented with the novel ‘Of Ik Gek Ben’, released mid February 2012.

2011/11 Some ‘Silly Moments’ are currently being printed and will be for sale in Amsterdam. (limited edition of 25 pieces each) More information will follow soon, so stay tuned!

2011/11 Flyer design – Kill All Hipsters @ Bitterzoet, November 18th, Amsterdam / Kill All Hipsters @ Tivoli, December 2nd and 17th Utrecht / Kill All Hipsters @ Melkweg, December 16th and Cold Turkey @ Melkweg December 28th, Amsterdam

2011/11 Attended Visual Thinking School (VTS) ‘Communicating Change’ initiated by XPLANE Amsterdam, November 3rd

2011/11 Invited to be represented at ARTFLAKES.com where you’ll find posters, art print, greeting cards and many more from international artists and designers.

2011/11 Three-day seminar ‘Get Coached for Designers’, facilitated by Cultuur en Ondernemen, Amsterdam

2011/10 Kick-off ‘Silly Moments’

2011/10 Poster and flyer design to be displayed at the International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) 13th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology in Antalya, Turkey. Commissioned by VU Medical Center Amsterdam and the Pink Ribbon Foundation

2011/10 Four-day seminar ‘Networking’, facilitated by Cultuur en Ondernemen, Amsterdam

2011/10 Seven-day seminar ‘Finance’, facilitated by Cultuur en Ondernemen, Amsterdam

2011/10 Completion of a facade banner, businesscards and postcards commissioned by Hout&Nieuw

2011/09 Portrait of Teis, a true fan.

2011/09 Ego stroking article about inspiring illustrators by Jong&Belegen click here to read it

2011/09 Completion of a private commission; Scarf

2011/09 100 (fb) fans!

2011/09 Completion of a private commission; Breestraat – Maarsmansteeg Leiden

2011/08 And…there was a favicon. Hurray!

2011/08 Completion of animated music video I made in association with Joep Veldhuis, commissioned by Baba Brinkman

2011/07 Feel free to leave a comment as a Facebook user, plugin can be found at the contact section.

2011/07 Flyer and poster design ‘We are the Future’, commissioned by P60 popvenue, Amstelveen

2011/06 Kick-off Musicians; series of portraits. Finished: Natalie Merchant, Antony Hegarty, Eva Cassidy & Brett Dennen.

2011/06 Completion of a private commission; Anne

2011/05 Attended Art Amsterdam, RAI, May 15th

2011/05 Working on several illustrations to be printed on a new clothing brand (released mid-2012)

2011/05 Attended AAF Spring, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, May12th

2011/04 Working on a videoclip in association with Joep Veldhuis Productions

2011/03 Exhibition “Jong in Groningen in 2011 #1” – Galerie Noord, Groningen. March 5th – 31st

2011/02 Launch of new portfolio website

2011/01 Design and print brand new business cards

2011/01 Attended Artist & Entrepreneurship Symposium, powered by ING and Cultureel-Ondernemen, January 14th