Highlights of 2012

2012/12 Christmas presents time! Decided to finally switch to iMac. Took me long enough.

2012/12 Painted the windows of Hout & Nieuw with Christmas discount illustrations.

2012/12 Started designing Kill All Hipsters flyers for Rotown, Rotterdam.

2012/11 Completion of an illustrative logo for a psychosynthesist.

2012/10 Wow! The latest batch of Silly Moments sold out again..! In only one month time: yay! Tomorrow (12th) there will be a new stack available at your favourite furniture store in Amsterdam: Hout & Nieuw. Among those Silly Moments will be -the never sold before- #31, #52, #20 and #-4.

2012/09 Was asked to make a Pooh bear animation (based on the original drawings of Ernest H. Shepard) and decided to do so.

2012/09 Started designing Kill All Hipsters flyers for Paradiso, Amsterdam.

2012/08 Completion of a logo (illustrative design) for a dutch network of psychologists

2012/08 Making Hout & Nieuw’s promo cards ‘social media proof’, as they finally decided to join Twitter, woohoo!! Let’s give @houtennieuw a warm welcome!

2012/08 Uitgeverij J.M. Meulenhoff and Uitgeverij Boekerij have a competition where you can win a signed copy of Michiel Stroink’s book Of Ik Gek Ben by sharing the animated trailer i made. Don’t miss out. (2800+ views on Youtube)

2012/08 A new batch of Silly Moments has been delivered at Hout & Nieuw, Marnixstraat 196 Amsterdam, as they sell well lately..! The load contains the following moments: #3, #7, #15, #16, #19 (only a few more #19s are available since the limit of 25 is nearly reached) #31, #32, #35, #38, #44, #49, #54, #56(NEW!) #71, #81(NEW!) and #85. (starting Friday 3rd)

2012/07 250 facebook likes, yay

2012/07 Completion of a custom Silly Moment, about…pincers! (tweezers, #150)

2012/06 Working on another informative animation which focuses on sending your second hand mobile phone to developing countries for re-use, commissioned by TRS (Tech Returns)

2012/06 Working on a self-initiated project, a booklet called ‘the Silly Planet’

2012/05 Attended ‘The Future of Advertising’ congres powered by Nederlands Media Netwerk and iMMovator, Theaterfabriek Amsterdam, May 15th

2012/05 Working on an informative animation about sustainable (green!) mobile telephony, focusing on reducing e-waste by collecting and recycling scrap phones in Africa and Asia, commissioned by CTL (Closing The Loop)

2012/04 Private commission; passport size Kim

2012/04 Flyer design for Kill All Hipsters is extended with Paradiso’s London calling and there are requests coming from Berlin.

2012/03 Six new Silly Moments will be for sale at Hout & Nieuw, Marnixstraat 196, Amsterdam. In addition to #7, #15, #16, #19, #32, #35, #38 and #44, you can now find the following Silly Moments there too: #3, #31, #49, #54, #71 and #85. (starting Monday 19th)

2012/03 Attended PRomote Your Art, powered by New Art Night, Studio West and SAKA, Het Rozentheater, Rozengracht 117 Amsterdam, March 6th

2012/03 Private commission, portraying three lovely sisters.

2012/02 Attended A Perfect Talent Night: Tussen kunst en Kuvva, powered by A Perfect Day, Kuvva and Viceland, Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, February 17th

2012/02 Interview with Michiel Stroink on dutch television, broadcasting my animation. (starting at 12:05) click here to view it

2012/02 Joined Pinterest, click here to view my Pinterest profile.

2012/02 Completion of a logo (illustrative design), commissioned by DIEDOM circus.

2012/02 Kick off Daily Updates Syl ’12 – Livestream on Twitter and Facebook.

2012/02 New avatar illustration, implemented on all social media.

2012/02 Release date of the novel ‘Of Ik Gek Ben’ is brought forward with a week, it’s now monday the 6th. (trailer has already 1700 views on youtube!)

2012/02 Private commission; tattoo canvas for newly weds.

2012/01 Added Social Media feed widgets to the website. (see Information)

2012/01 Animated trailer for the novel ‘Of Ik Gek Ben’ by Michiel Stroink is now online! Watch the trailer here on the website or on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VGNc1yMYwA

2012/01 Poster and flyer design ‘May Your Wish Come True’ an exhibition curated by Adriana González Hulshof (www.gonzalezhulshof.com ) and Nectar Art Projects (www.nectar-artprojects.nl).