Highlights of 2017

2017/12 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Enexis.

2017/12 Christmas card design Korendagen 2018, Paradiso Amsterdam.

2017/12 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Haarlemmermeer.

2017/12 Guerilla marketing concept #ourvalues; poster, cards en digital imagery for client Loyens & Loeff.

2017/11 IAAS platform infographic design.

2017/10 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client KPMG.

2017/09 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Gemeente Amsterdam.

2017/08  A brand-new clientportal Explanimation was completed for client Cosis.

2017/07 Designed another infographics for the National Coordinator Groningen – Government of the Netherlands.

2017/06 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Royal Schiphol Group.

2017/06 Launch of a series knowledge-video’s (MOOCS) for the University of Amsterdam, together with mate Iris we will produce 24 subject-related animations in two months time.

2017/06 Completed a brand new isometric (!) explanimation for a new client: Rethink.

2017/06 ‘The best of Vondelpark’ flyer and poster design for a festival in Amsterdams most beautiful park on July 2nd.

2017/05 New character illustrations and A0 sized banners for Cirque Moustache + De Kinderkaravaan, Utrecht.

2017/04 Autonomous work, an animated GIF of Amsterdam by day and night featured on Free Silly

2017/04 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client RVO en Domeinen RZ.

2017/04 Designed two new infographics for the National Coordinator Groningen – Government of the Netherlands.

2017/04 Together with mate Iris an infographic for Noordhoff Publishers titled ‘Personalized learning’ was created.

2017/04 Got commissioned to draw a gorgeous house (paper souvenir) for folks who were moving elsewhere, fineliner good times.

2017/03 Infographics showing the year 2016-2017 of the University Fund, University of Amsterdam.

2017/03 Another wedding invite design for Mark and Inge.

2017/03 Designed an infographic for the National Coordinator Groningen – Government of the Netherlands.

2017/03 Updated the design of the program “Care Continuity” commissioned by the GGZ and Ministry of Health.

2017/03 Completed a hand drawn explanimation for COC Groningen/Drenthe.

2017/03 Fun commission to design a wedding invite for very good friends Loes en Teis.

2017/03 Attended Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht.

2017/02 Had great fun attending Anima Animation Festival with mate Iris in Brussel, Belgium.

2017/02 New logo design for de Kinderkaravaan, Utrecht.

2017/01 Designed a nifty logo for Mister Ti’s Seafood-Truck, Amsterdam.