Highlights of 2016

2016/12 A brand new explanimation was launched showing the socially involved procurement of the Custodial Institutions (DJI), Government of the Netherlands, The Hague.

2016/12 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Nationale Nederlanden.

2016/12 Mate Sylvia attended a fun night with Job, Joris and Marieke at the Dutch Masters #14 event in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

2016/11 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Delta Loyd.

2016/11 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client de Brauw.

2016/10 Attended Klik! Animation Film Festival in EYE, Amsterdam.

2016/10 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client FMO.

2016/10 Designed an infographic for the National Coordinator Groningen – Government of the Netherlands.

2016/10 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Moonen Packaging.

2016/09 Symposium flyer design ‘5 years Preventive Intervention Team (PIT)’- Gemeente Amsterdam

2016/09 New Family Book & Academy illustrations for Familienet.

2016/09 Completed the design of the program “Care Continuity” commissioned by the GGZ and Ministry of Health.

2016/08 Logo design for the Rob Defares Collection.

2016/08 Designed a bunch of posters for Kill All Hipsters (Berlin).

2016/08 The Explanimates designed a video for the procurement of DJI – Government of the Netherlands.

2016/07 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Zanders.

2016/07 New website design, less is more!

2016/07 Big in Taiwan! The CTL explanimation was broadcasted on national TV in Taiwan, haha!

2016/07 Designed a new Explanimation for Closing the Loop, together with a cool infographic focussing on a One-for-One proposition.

2016/06 Visual support for four presentations of the CEO’s of the Custodial Institutions in Europe featured at the 21st Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services and the Europris Congress, Government of the Netherlands, The Hague.

2016/06 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Kienhuishoving.

2016/06 Designed The best of Vondelpark flyer and poster for a festive day in Amsterdams most beautiful park on July 3rd!

2016/06 A new target audience for Familienet was illustrated.

2016/06 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Vivat.

2016/06 Law firm Loyens & Loeff Amsterdam recently published a new book ‘Building in Netherlands. I was asked to take care of the artwork, fun commission!

2016/06 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client TMG.

2016/05 Fun commission to design a wedding invite for  good friends Birgit and Ivo.

2016/05 Designed an infographic for BNA’s (Branche Nederlandse Architecten) annual online year overview 2015.

2016/04 Published a nifty giffy for Kingsday.

2016/04 Published a brand new Explanimation for client Cosis. They do a wonderful job helping people with a mental disorder.

2016/04 The Explanimates designed a clean looking video for Nationaal Coördinator Groningen. They  guide the process of reinforcing houses in the earthquake area in Groningen.

2016/03 Designed a poster for Tivoli’s Kingsnight Crackpipe Festival initiated by KAH.

2016/03 Attended The Kick! @ HAFF, Utrecht.

2016/03 Attended Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht.

2016/03 A new explanimation was made for UMCG Groningen.

2016/02 Designed interior illustrations, chapter interleaves for a  book called ‘Building in the Netherlands’, commissioned by Loyens & Loeff.

2016/02 Designed an infographic for Alumni Relations, commissioned by Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA).

2016/01 Time for a new corporate identity design regarding my quotes and invoices.

2016/01 Designed and delivered some crisp illustrations for Familienet.