Highlights of 2019

2019/12 Birth card design (twins!) for good friends Roelant & Leonie.

2019/11 Kiss All Hipsters best of 2019 edition flyer design.

2019/11 Ink drawings for Egbert J. van Dalen’s ‘Experiences of contingency in advanced cancer patients’ promotion booklet. Interesting commission to express the stages of going through cancer using drawings.

2019/10 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Schiphol.

2019/09 Entered a Design Driven Business Innovation course at the University of Amsterdam Business School.

2019/08 Kiss All Hipsters winter edition flyer design.

2019/07 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Central Point & Gemeente Haarlem.

2019/07 Design and production of three explainer video’s featuring the do’s and don’ts when preparing for and doing an internship. Targeting international students (communication science), the programme management and internship supervisors, commissioned by the UvA.

2019/06 Sequel animation for Cosis; finding a language their client(s) will understand, making communication possible for everyone.

2019/05 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client de Volksbank.

2019/05 Artwork for a set of explanimations featuring the ‘Mensenwerk’ and ‘Waarde gedreven zorg’ programmes of UMCG.

2019/04 Funky animation and digital artwork for Bowinn presenting an experimental ‘proeftuin’ for industrial building.

2019/04 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client ASML.

2019/03 Kiss All Hipsters summer edition flyer design.

2019/02 Vintage poster design Royale by Circus Snor.

2019/01 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client KPMG.

2019/01 Flyer design for the ‘Kinderkaravaan’ Utrecht.

2019/01 Ink drawing of a new born baby and her mother, private commission

2019/01 Save the date and wedding card design for good friends Roelant & Leonie

2019/01 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for clients Gemeente Groningen and ARP.