Highlights of 2020

2020/12 Employee ‘all the best wishes holiday’ card for client Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen.

2020/11 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client APG, Eosta, ASR and Computacenter.

2020/10 Self initiated project; what the egg? Previewing eggs in all ranges as a colorful chart.

2020/09 A large-scale neighborhood vegetable garden has recently been created on the Zeeburgereiland. Its a beautiful meeting place called ‘de Zeeburgertuin’. I designed the A1 information sign placed at the entrance. It’s always pleasant to collaborate with client De Gezonde Stad.

2020/08 Even though I don’t take birth-card commissions, I felt super honored to design the one for my brand new nephew Rein.

2020/08 Extended COVID-19 artwork for client Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. Signposting, masks, work-intensity-meter and vaccine-protocols.

2020/08 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for clients Accenture, Heineken and Ingram.

2020/07 Gave birth to a beautiful babygirl named Loet Liedewijde. Talking about highlights. Design of the birth card was fun, it presented our garden in bloom with all our stray rabbits and chickens incorporated.

2020/06 Visualization of UMCG’s building programs; building tomorrow’s life. Construction of the University Center of Psychiatry, renovation of Beatrixoord (rehabilitation), renovation of the Central Medical Center (emergency care), construction of Medical Support (Laboratories) and building the Noordpunt (= educationcentre in collaboration with RUG).

2020/06 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for clients Central Point and T-mobile.

2020/06 Illustrations for two e-learnings ‘Reduced employability’ and ‘Privacy Proof in research (GDPR/AVG)’ for client Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen.

2020/06 Kinderkaravaan and Circus Snor summerschool flyer design.

2020/05 Video calling with your practitioner. How does that work? An animation in collaboration with Vier Video Animatie and AudioGijs for client Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen.

2020/05 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for client Gemeente Zaanstad en Utrecht.

2020/04 Concept, storyboard and artwork for the third explainer video for client Cosis.

2020/04 CTL’s One-for-One proposition powerpoint for client Bechtle

2020/03 Corona crisis illustrated artwork for client Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. Hygiene measures, signposting and rules of conduct visualized for both patients and medical staff.

2020/03 PwC & CTL for circular phones poster design

2020/03 Vintage poster design Chapeau by Circus Snor.

2020/02 Flyer and social media design for ‘Kingsnight’ @ Tivoli, Utrecht.

2020/01 CTL’s One-for-One proposition Infographic for clients FMO, Gemeente Amsterdam, Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden and Accenture.

2020/01 Kiss All Hipsters summer edition flyer design.