Highlights of 2013

2013/12 Christmas card design; Merry Christmas & I wish you an inspired 2014!

2013/12 Completion of ‘Sinterklaas’ and Christmas campaign commissioned by BeatsNew; 2x tagon animations broadcasted during the month December on Discovery Channel & TLC. And full (social) media campaign including flash en static banners

2013/12 Created a vintage Furniture Festive season sale Banner / Stamp / Christmas Hamper Card & painted the shop windows wintry.

2013/12 COLD TURKEY – 2013 HITS BACK – The Tune Top 100 flyer design for Melkweg, Amsterdam

2013/12 Painted the windows of Hout & Nieuw with Christmas discount illustrations.

2013/11 Beatsnew Commercial is now also available in Italian, with corresponding voiceover.

2013/11 Working on an extremely detailed drawing for a.. music quiz! Fun commission.

2013/10 Featured in HanzeMag #3, 19th Volume October 16th, 2013 with Italo Calvino’s Invisible City ‘Ersilia’

2013/10 A ‘Sinterklaas’ and Christmas campaign by BeatsNew is up next, to be continued..

2013/10 Babycard design for very good friends, the baby is expected in late November.

2013/10 Hout & Nieuw now has its own custom designed branding iron! To stamp furniture with.

2013/09 Kill All Hipsters London Calling flyer design for Paradiso, Amsterdam

2013/09 Created a banner for a blog called ‘Sanne Vertelt’.

2013/08 New logo design for Circus Snor (former Cheer Up Circus)

2013/08 Mens & van Schie, a new start-up, is in full swing, soon more information.

2013/07 Animated Commercial for BeatsNew. Broadcasted during the month July on Discovery Channel & TLC.

2013/07 Created a birth announcement card (will be a girl!!) for one of the sweetest couples I know.

2013/06 Hout & Nieuw sold pretty much all Silly Moments, new batch has been delivered! note: #19 almost reached (the limit of) 25 prints; to be sold out soon.

2013/06 Working on a self initiated project together with a good friend and.. my youngest sister! Can’t tell much about it yet, but it has something to do with Psychology, Patients and Design.

2013/05 The animations of CTL and TRS have been combined, and are now being broadcasted in three languages: Dutch, English and Italian.

2013/05 Illustrative logo design (flyer/poster) for BLIK, a circusschool for kids.

2013/04 Uploaded CTL and TRS animations to Youtube, this time with audio added and also translated two versions to Italian.

2013/03 Painted the windows of Hout & Nieuw with Easter discount illustrations.

2013/03 Infographic design ‘De NMA en de NZA in de curatieve zorgsector’ commissioned by Loyens & Loeff in association with Huijskens Communications

2013/03 Say hello to my new best friend: Wacom Intuos5 Touch L a brilliant birthday gift from my friends.

2013/03 Brand new (business)cards!

2013/02 Completion of an illustrative logo design ‘Port Betaald’ commissioned by DIEDOM circus

2013/01 How often does one get the chance to make character illustrations, tickets, cards and a logo for an upcoming Circus? Really enjoyed this commission by Cirque Moustache.