Highlights of 2014

2014/12 Completed a fun portrait drawing, commissioned by We Don’t Kill Animals which is a new Spanish fashion label.

2014/12 An project collaboration by Vier Video Animatie (animation), AudioGijs (sounds) and me (illustrations) has been launched! It resulted in two Explanimations for Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma.

2014/11 Honored to be featured on a new startup called Relayer.it with my creation ‘Natalie’.

2014/11 Shifting old en new work into multiple websites! Launch of www.sillymoment.com, (silly moments series) www.freesilly.com (autonomous works) and www.sylviavanschie.com (graphical illustrations).

2014/10 One of my clients Techreturns is nominated for the TEDxAMSTERDAM Award 2014. How cool!

2014/10 Remember the booktrailer I once made for ‘Of Ik Gek Ben’ by good friend Michiel Stroink? Well, Frank Lammers (director) turned it into a filmscript and yesterday they started shooting! Cast a.o. Mike Weerts, Matteo van der Grijn and Tibor Lukács. The film will be in cinema’s next year!

2014/09 Produced three short (bumper) animations to be featured on national television commissioned by TechReturns + Albert Heijn, Primera and Scheer&Foppen.

2014/08 Designed a programm booklet for Cirque Moustache.

2014/07 Designing multiple KAH flyers and posters for a.o. Bitterzoet, SugarFactory, Melkweg, Paradiso, Tivoli, Rotown and Club Lido (Berlin).

2014/06 Created a personal animation called ‘Saturday Morning’.

2014/06 One of my portraits ‘Eva Cassidy’ has been sold on Artflakes.com!

2014/05 Launch of a brand new website design!

2014/05  Completion of Tech Returns Campaign,  5 animations promoting to supply your old mobile device so  it can be re-used or recycled.

2014/05  Completion of Loyens & Loeff ‘Financing of Ships’ book. 11 interleaves and multiple illustrations.

2014/04 Featured on both covers of HanzeMag #9, 19th Volume April 9th, 2014. Subject: (successful) Girls.

2014/03  Completion of BNA’s (Branche Nederlandse Architecten) annual communication review of the year 2013 which I translated into a joyous infographic.

2014/03  Created a daily update for the Olympic Winter Games @ Sochi #Wust

2014/03 Logo design for an upcoming show by Cirque Moustache called “Op Stand”.

2014/02 Flyer design ”Guilty Pleasures” by DJ TEAM DENISE & JAEL @ Goudvisclub, Spuistraat, Amsterdam

2014/02 About to start with a new commission for Tech Returns, this time it will be a nationwide campaign including the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

2014/01 Invitation design for “Slaapmakend” en “Mulder en Van Schie” opening reception at their new practice space.

2014/01 Created a blinking ECA for a research project of my current Master studies.

2014/01 NEW! From Thursday 16th January on, a set of 5 selected Silly Moment POSTCARDS will be available in stores! One set contains a personal message by me. Found the message in your bag? Receive a FREE Silly Moment of choice!