Highlights of 2015

2015/12 Closing the year 2015 with a seasonal explainer video titled ‘the origin of snow’.

2015/11 Designed an animated Christmas card for client Familienet.

2015/11 My iMac died! Thank God the recovery service centre was able to reanimate him. Phew!

2015/10 Attended a very nice Masterclass with the creator of ‘Under The Apple Tree’, Erik van Schaaik @ Lab111, Amsterdam.

2015/10 Attended Klik! Animation Days in EYE, Amsterdam.

2015/09 Produced a brand new healthcare Explanimation commissioned by United Care / Opemed.

2015/09 Kingsize banner design for Circus Blik, scale it up!

2015/08 Completed a social selling Explanimation for client Linked Into Results.

2015/07 Based on earlier illustrations an Explanimation was produced for Familienet.

2015/06 Produced building illustrations, icons and a city map to promote the University of Amsterdam Alumni Association AUV (and it’s discount providers).

2015/05 Designed and delivered some crisp illustrations for Familienet.nl

2015/04 And more infographics! This time three infographics for SBRCurnet’s annual year overview.

2015/04 Attended ‘Make A Motion’ a casual networking event @ de Biotoop van Haren, Groningen.

2015/04 Designed a infographic for BNA’s (Branche Nederlandse Architecten) annual online year overview.

2015/03 Sweet, my Explanimation for Closing the Loop was featured on national television last night (March 30th, 2015) in VPRO Tegenlicht Urban (Gold) Mining.

2015/03 Designed a poster for Tivoli’s Kingsnight Crackpipe Festival initiated by KAH.

2015/03 Attended the Masterclass with the creators of ‘Shaun The Sheep’ @ HAFF, Utrecht.

2015/03 Attended Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht.

2015/02 Attended Dutch Design Daily Live with Job, Joris, without Marieke (Oscar Nominees) @ Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam

2015/02 Produced a funky Explanimation commissioned by HuijskensBickerton, based on the infographic I designed earlier.

2015/02 Yes! Another succesful Explanimation collaboration by Vier Video Animatie (animation), AudioGijs (sounds) and me (illustrations) has been launched! #Spaarzaam

2015/01 My illustration is featured on the cover of HanzeMag #4, 20th Volume, January 28th, 2015. Subject: Guys, I’m GAY

2015/01 Hurray! I just launched my second business together with best friend Iris Visser. It is called ‘Explanimates’ and we produce awesome explanimations, also known als explanatory animations.

2015/01 It’s been a while since my last infographic, but.. there’s a new one! The graphic, commissioned by Huijskens Bickerton, explains a company’s communication procedure in times of crisis.